IYYUN Kollel Bein Hashmashot

IYYUN Kollel Bein Hashmashot


Announcing the upcoming Kollel Limmud:

Ketoret / קטרת

March 19-24

KETORET / March 19-24

Sunday (March 19): 10:00am-8:00pm;
Monday-Wednesday (March 20-23): 6:30pm-10pm;
Thursday, (March 24):  5pm-8:30pm, plus end-of-Limmud farbrengen.

With Rav DovBer Pinson (Rosh Kollel);

featuring full-spectrum chavruta learning on the theme, plus davening, guided practice, discussion sessions, and shiurim by Rabbi Shmuel Braun and others. 

For more information about the Limmud please visit our website

The program will provide kosher meals (2 on Sunday, 1 on Thursday), offer a stipend of $13/hour for FULL attendance (approx 22 hours of learning),
and will culminate in a festive farbrengen. Applications are limited to men with experience in Torah learning.


Please forward this information to those you think might be interested and available. We are very much looking forward learning from and with you!

With Blessings,

Vukan Marinkovic

on behalf of The Iyyun Kollel Steering Committee

About the KETORET Limmud

The upcoming Limmud will be focused on the fascinating theme of Ketoret (the Temple Incense). This “pleasing fragrance” will be explored from a variety of perspectives including its healing and transformative capacities as represented in the Torah and Midrash, its ritual and halachic ramifications as outlined in the Gemara and Codes, its liturgical applications as detailed in the Siddur and Machzor, and its symbolic and mystical associations as taught in Kabbalah and Chassidut. Additionally, we will be inspired by philosophical, scientific and poetic meditations on the sense of smell and its connection to intuition, memory and enchantment.

About the IYYUN Kollel

The Program is a weeklong study program – held 4-5 times yearly

The IYYUN Kollel: Full Spectrum Torah and Transformation

Prospectus for the year 5777 / 2016-17

Geshem (גשם): November, 2016 (pre-and post-27 Heshvan)
Ohr Haganuz/Hidden Lights (אור הגנוז) Chanukah 2016
Bein Hashmashot (בין השמשות) January 22-26, 2017
Ruach/Ketoret (רוח-קטורת): March 19-24, 2017
Afar/Earth (עפר): May, 2017








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