Pre-Yom Kippur Mikvah Immersion for Women

Pre-Yom Kippur Mikvah Immersion for Women

The Annual IYYUN Pre-Yom Kippur Class and Mikvah Immersion for Women

Join Rebbetzin Rochie on Monday night, Oct 10, at 8:30 pm

to prepare ourselves for Yom Kippur with a class and subsequent Mikvah immersion.

We will meet at 8:30 pm

Location to be announced

Before immersing in the mikvah – Rebbetzin Rochie will be teaching a class about the Mikvah and Yom Kippur, preparing ourselves for this most awesome of days, as well as some meditations to reflect upon when we are in the waters of the mikvah.

Please bring $25 (we are renting out the mikvah for our own use) also, it is nice to give an additional small tip to the mikvah attendant who is staying late to accommodate us.

Some tips on preparing yourself:

  • When we go into the mikvah we are just as at the moment of our birth, nothing between our self and the living waters of the mikvah. the ideal way to prepare for this is to bathe beforehand, removing any obstacles that could block the water from totally encompassing you. For example -nail polish, make-up, all earrings, jewelery, etc… should be removed. (however, since it is not a ‘mitzvah’ immersion, rather a ritual immersion – if it constitutes a great difficulty or inconvenience, you may keep your polish, etc.. on)
  • This is a mikvah immersion that is practiced by both men and women alike – and is not a mikvah that is related to marriage. There is no need to be in a relationship or to be at any particular time of your cycle. This is a personal experience for you.
  • We will each immerse in the mikvah separately, this will be your own private experience, for this immersion, there is no need for a person to observe.

please click on this link to reserve:

looking forward to seeing you at this wonderful evening.
with wishes for a Shana Tova u’Metukah – a sweet and bountiful and blessed new year!


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