IYYUN Day/Night Chanukah Event 2017

IYYUN Day/Night Chanukah Event 2017



Please Join Us at IYYUN on Chanukah

For A Day and Night of Inspiration and Illumination!

An immersive day of learning for men and women.

followed by a Chanukah farbrengen, IYYUN style!

Sunday, Dec 17 / 29 Kislev


A Day and Night of Inspiration and Illumination!

IYYUN is holding a ‘YOM IYYUN’
A day of in-depth study and meditation on the theme of PIRSUM in the Torah – leading into the first light of Chanukah.

The Yom IYYUN will segue into a grand Farbrengen with teachings by Rav Dovber Pinson, and special presentations by the students who partake in the day of study!

Sunday, Dec 17th
1:00 pm – 12:00 am

A day of in-depth study and meditation on the theme of PIRSUM in the Torah – leading into the sixth light of Chanukah.
Together we will explore the teachings, hidden and revealed, of PIRSUM/PUBLICITY to reach a whole new understanding of Pirsumei Nisah and Publicity in our lives today.

The Yom IYYUN will be culminating in a grand Chanukah Celebration, with live music, wine, cheese, fruit, hot latkes and sufganiyot! A Farbrengen Tish with Rav Pinson and the IYYUN Jam!

Join us for the full day of learning, or just the evening celebration.
All events are open for men & women.



Yom IYYUN ‘Ohr’ Event Schedule:

1:30 pm

Study the depth of ‘PIRSUM/Publicity’ in the Torah, chavrusa style!
Choose from a pre-selected assortment of teachings and sources on “PIRSUM,” ranging from Talmud, Zohar, Maharal and Chassidus

(The Yom IYYUN is open to men and women – for chavrusa learning, men will be paired with other men, and women with other women)

3:00 pm

Snack and refreshment break

3:30 pm

Shiur and Exploration on the Mystical Aspects of PIRSUM with Rav DovBer Pinson

4:30 pm

Resume chavrusa style study, choose a new source and/or a new chavrusa and go even deeper into the ‘omek‘ of PIRSUM!

6:00 pm

Menorah Lighting, Latkes and Doughnuts – for those who are partaking in the study portion of the day
The Next Segment of the Event is Open to All – No Reservations Needed / Payment at Door

7:00 pm

Pre-Farbrengen Presentations and Performances by the Yom IYYUN Students

8:00 pm – 1:00 am . . .

Cheese, Wine and Fruit Buffet / Hot Latkes & Soup / Doughnuts

Grand Farbrengen Tish with PInson and the IYYUN Jam

Important Information!

Please note: There will be IYYUN Kollel students on hand to help with any questions during the chavrusa study, and to guide you towards deepening your learning.

$25 Couvre for Entire day of Learning, Refreshments + Farbrengen

(the cost of the Evening Event on its own is also $25)

The Yom IYYUN study portion of the day is by reservation only!
To Reserve: EMAIL – and let us know you’ll be coming.
Payment can be made online – through the donate button.
Checks, Cash and Credit Card (Visa/MC) are accepted at the door.

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