Rav DovBer Pinson is a world-renowned scholar, author, Kabbalist, and beloved spiritual teacher, a master of both the revealed and hidden aspects of Torah. He is widely recognized as a leading authority on authentic Kabbalah and Jewish spirituality.

With his deep understanding of Kabbalah and Torah and broad range of knowledge and influence, Rav DovBer is accessing the deepest truths of the universe and finding a way to bring it to the world.

Rav Pinson is a master of the revealed and inner aspects of Torah and has written dozens of groundbreaking books on Kabbalah, Jewish Philosophy and Halacha. Rav Pinson is an internationally acclaimed speaker and has lectured in both scholarly and lay settings throughout the world. He travels extensively and has attracted many thousands of loyal followers and students around the globe.

Rav Pinson is currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He is Rosh Yeshiva of the IYYUN Yeshivah, a center of learning for adults. He is also the founder of the IYYUN Center, a center for Jewish spirituality and enrichment in Brooklyn, New York.



“One of the greatest scholars of Kabbalah today.”

Yediot Achronot (Nov, 2009)



“An original thinker who displays remarkable erudition”

Publishers Weekly. (Sep 1999)



“The ‘Rashi’ of contemporary culture.”

LA Jewish Journal (Dec. 2009)


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