The IYYUN Center

The IYYUN Center

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Campaign Objectives:


The IYYUN Center

650 Sackett

Renovate and outfit the property to serve as a shul/synagogue, a kollel/library and a center for jewish learning and experience.
The extra, raw space within the property will facilitate the growth of the IYYUN community,
programming for children, and more. The center will house offices and kitchen space as well.

Every contribution makes a difference!
Please help us build a home for iyyun.
Get a leaf on the IYYUN tree of life and watch us grow.

  • Foundation Stone    $3,600.00
  • Gold Leaf    $1,800.00
  • Silver Leaf    $1,000.00
  • Copper Leaf    $540.00
  • Branch    $360.00
  • Trunk    $180.00

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