The Iyyun Haggadah

This introduction to the Passover Seder incorporates kabbalistic insights from various traditions incorporating themes such as: Awakening from Above: The Month of Nisan and Passover; Chametz vs. Matzah; Stages of Freedom: Redeeming our Name, Voice, Speech, Song & Silence; Elements of Freedom: Dreaming, Feeling, and Planning – Miriam, Aaron and Moshe; The Seder of Pesach – The Order of Beyond Order; The Simanim: Fifteen Steps to Liberation in the Passover Seder; The Minim of the Ka’arah: Lines, Circles, & Infinity: Meditations on the Seder Plate; Three Matzos: Outer & Inner Meanings; The Four Cups of Wine & the Four Stages of Freedom: Physical, Emotional, Philosophical & Existential; A Tikkun for Da’as: Redeeming Awareness & Unity.

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