Awakening through Kabbalah: 32 Gates of Wisdom

Awakening through Kabbalah: 32 Gates of Wisdom(Ben Yehuda. 2008)

Kabbalah holds the secrets to a path of conscious awareness. In this compact book, Rav DovBer Pinson presents 32 key concepts of Kabbalah and shows their value in opening the gates of perception.

A short excerpt from the introduction:

Simply translated, Kabbalah means “that which is received.” Looking deeper, the word Kabbalah can mean to be open and receptive, to challenge one’s own internal navigational system in order to see, hear, and be open to… more. We must be receptive to a teaching to fully absorb it. We turn ourselves into vessels and invite within that which we wish to understand or grasp. In this way, we become receptacles, dispensaries, and a part of the Kabbalah. We become vessels of this tradition by opening the self to a higher reality, and viewing the spirit within the matter. We raise our consciousness to the point where the Divine within all creation is revealed. As we pursue a deeper awareness, we become less ego-centered and more attuned to the deeper significance of our surroundings.

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