Fascinating New Book by Rav Pinson

Fascinating New Book by Rav Pinson

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by Rav Dovber Pinson



סוד המקוה

Waters of Transformation


A Mikvah is a pool of water used for the purpose of ritual immersion; a place where one moves from a state of Tumah; impurity, blockage and death— to a place of Teharah; purity, fluidity and life.

In SECRETS OF THE MIKVAH, Rav Pinson delves into the transformative powers of the Mikvah with his trademark all-encompassing perspective that ranges from the literal, Pshat observation and Halachic implications of the texts, to the allegorical, the philosophical, and finally, to the deep secrets of the Mikvah as revealed by Kabbalah and Chassidus.

This insightful and inspirational text demonstrates how immersion in a Mikvah can be a transformative and life-altering practice, and includesvarious Kavanos—deep intentions—for all people, through
various stages of life, that empower and enrich the immersion experience.


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This book has been dedicated by
R’ Dovid Akiva Berger
& Family

in loving memory of
R’ Moshe Berger זצ׳׳ל
in loving memory of
R’ Yehuda Tzvi Rauzman זצ׳׳ל

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