New Book by Rav Pinson!

New Book by Rav Pinson!

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Exciting New Book by Rav Pinson!

In THE MYSTERY OF SHABBOS, Rav Pinson delves into the transformative power of Shabbos.
With an all-encompassing perspective that ranges from the literal, Pshat observation and Halachic implications of the texts, to the allegorical, the philosophical, and
finally, to the deeper secrets as revealed by Kabbalah and Chassidus, creating an elegant tapestry
of thought and experience.

THE MYSTERY OF SHABBOS is a profound meditation on the meaning of Shabbos and demonstrates the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual possibilities available and given to us with the gift of Shabbos.

Studying and contemplating this inspired text on the depths of Shabbos will unveil a redemptive light in your experience of the Seventh Day — and by extension, every day of your life.


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From the Book Jacket:

Shabbos is one of the great wonders of the world.
The weekly “day of rest” is a universally
acknowledged phenomenon, but one that is not easily understood or explained.
On the one hand, it appears that Shabbos is simply one day out of the seven-day weekly cycle dedicated for “down-time.”
This simple idea of an alternating rhythm of work and rest is nearly ubiquitous across cultures; in fact, all current civilizations
celebrate, in one form or another, some type of rest during the course of the seven-day cycle of the week. And yet, there is an
obvious but  profound mystery in this.
Why is there such a thing as a seven day cycle, punctuated by a period of rest, in the first place?

A solar calendar follows the objectively
experienced cycle of seasons, while a
lunar calendar follows the more subtle phases of the moon, which have no overt bearing on the seasons or weather.
Both the concepts of years, defined by the solar circuit, and months, as determined by
the waxing and waning of the moon, are
innate to the mechanical rhythms of nature. They are each tied to astrological phenomena that all cultures observe, and all people
But where do weeks come from?
Why does a week exist at all?
And why specifically a seven day week, which seems to have no astrological nor seasonal reason behind it, nor any basis in a universally observable phenomenon?
The short answer is that weeks originate in a Divine mandate, based on a sacred view of time. It is the Torah, in the narrative of Creation, which reveals the existence of that which we call a week. In fact, the only possible reason and purpose for a specifically seven-day weekly cycle is a meta-physical, Torah-based reason and purpose. And yet, the seven day week is embedded in human consciousness to the point that all known civilizations measure time in this way.

By delving deeper into the spiritual nature
of the weekly cycle, and through
understanding Shabbos as the meta-root
of the week, we will come to appreciate more deeply the power and magic that is Shabbos.

We will then be able to open ourselves
more fully in order to connect to the
essence of this most simple yet profound
and mysterious day.


This Book is dedicated in memory of

הרב ראובן שיינער ז׳׳ל

בן ר׳ שמואל יום טוב

Harav Reuvein Scheiner z”l

ben Reb Shmuel Yom Tov

A humble man, loving father and devoted Rebbe; Reb Reuvein dedicated his life to teaching Torah and raised generations of upright, Torah committed Jews, united in their love for Hashem.
It was his legacy of love for Shabbos burning brightly in his children that inspired the writing of this book.
May it be a Zechus for his Neshama.

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