New Book! First In a Groundbreaking Series

New Book! First In a Groundbreaking Series


Unraveling the Yearly Cycle

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The Introductory volume to a 12 Part Series outlining the influences of the Hebrew months, and a deeper understanding of Rosh Chodesh /the head of each month.

Many centuries ago, the Sages ofIsrael were the foremost authority in the fields of both astronomicalcalculation and astrological wisdom, including the deeper interpretations ofthe cycles and seasons. Over time, this wisdom became hidden within the esotericteachings of the Torah…More recently, many great sages taught that as the worldapproaches the Era of Redemption, it is a Mitzvah / spiritualobligation to broadly reveal this deeper wisdom.This book serves as an overview of special qualities that are available every month of the year. These qualities range from the Hebrew letter associated with each month, the sense or skill connected to the month, the body part, the element, and the sign of the month. Understanding this, reveals in the cycles of time an ever-ascending spiral of insight, understanding, and practical action. And helps us engage in this

body of wisdom for our own personal growth and development.

This book is dedicated in loving memory

and for the elevation of the neshamah of

Tziporah (Fanya)

bat Aron and Nechama Esther Kapelyus (sheyichu)

May the merit of the learning and inspiration that stems from this series, bring her neshama comfort and elevation, and may it be so for her entire family, and for all of klal Yisrael

Cover image: “Jewish Time Wheel” by Federico Parolo, © 2015 Deuteronomy Press, used with publisher’s permission as a gift to the Iyyun Center.

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