New Book in the Spiral of Time Series!

New Book in the Spiral of Time Series!



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A New Book in the Spiral of Time Series

Volume 7:
The Month of Tishrei: Rebirth and Upward Movement

Just in time for the new year, add it to your collection today!

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Each month of the year radiates with
distinct Divine qualities and uniqueopportunities for growth & spiritual illumination.

As Tishrei begins a new yearly cycle,
it is an appropriate month to introspect,
reflect and resolve to persevere as we move forward into
the more inward months of the winter.

The month of Tishrei creates the space to unburden ourselves
from our negativities, and enter a more sacred and grounded space.
In Tishrei we are given the gift of forgiveness
and the ability to regain our footing and rediscover our inner joy.

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This book is dedicated
in loving memory of

Dr. Allen Gaisin
אליהו בן מנחם מנדל הכהן ז״ל

An exceptional and
נפטר בשם טוב
י״ח תמוז תשע״ט / July 21, 2019

By his wife Sheila and their children;
Miriam, Meredith, Arthur, Daniel,
Jeremy, Reuven and Shlomo.

In honor of his love for Torah,
may the printing of these Torah thoughts
and the inspiration they provide
be an Aliyah for his Neshama


With Special Thanks to:

Reb Levi Robinשיחי׳

for his meticulous attention to detail, and his love and care for the text and its meaning.

May Hashem bless him and his family with Kol Tuv Selah.


And in loving memory of:

Sara bas Sara


May her light continue to shine
Cheston and Lara Mizel



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