New Book! The Month of Teves

New Book! The Month of Teves

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The fifth book in the 12 part Series THE SPIRAL OF TIME

The Month of Teves:

Refining Relationships, Elevating the Body


Each month of the year radiates with a distinct quality
and provides unique opportunities for personal growth and illumination.

Teves begins the harshest of the cold months of winter, and thus the
month of Teves is particularly connected to the physical body and intimacy.
During this month we fast on the tenth of the month, Asara b’Teves,
a time to mourn and reflect on the beginnings of our collective exiles,
and we learn to create a Tikkun to draw us closer to redemption.

The mental, emotional, and spiritual objective of this month is
to create healthy relationships with others — controlling our anger,
and tempering our egoistic need for possession.



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