Spend Pesach with Rav Pinson and family

Spend Pesach with Rav Pinson and family

BH ;)

Join Rav DovBer Pinson and Rebbetzin Rochie Pinson for the most exhilarating, freeing and uplifting Pesach you have ever experienced!

Rav Pinson and his family will be spending Pesach 2017 in Whistler, British Columbia – The premier ski destination in North America.

With the most beautiful accommodations, five-star service, and spiritually uplifting Seders, farbrengens and lectures throughout the holiday, this promises to be your most magical Pesach yet.

Those who come through IYYUN, will be part of Rav Pinson’s private seder, and enjoy quality time together with him and his family, in the most beautiful setting.

 email us at contact@iyyun.com to find out more details, and how to join!





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