Sukkah-Fest with Rav Pinson

Sukkah-Fest with Rav Pinson

Join Rav Pinson and the IYYUN community in the beautiful Berkshires

as we celebrate the first days of Sukkot in an atmosphere of natural beauty and spiritual splendor.

Join us for

  • Soulful and joyous davening led by our Chazan, Mattisyahu Yisrael.
  • Classes and learning with Rav Pinson.
  • Farbrengens in the beautiful sukkah on the lake.

The entire weekend is glatt kosher .
Chalav Yisrael available (please inquire)

Don’t miss this beautiful opportunity!
Be sure to mention that you are with IYYUN when you make your reservations for a discounted rate
(and be sure to request Chalav Yisrael if required)

email : contact@iyyun for more information to make your reservations!

Please note! Rooms fill up quickly! last year there were some people who tried to register too late and missed out!
Don’t miss out on this incredible experience – Reserve your spot early!

Scholarships and financial aid is offered – please inquire.

Looking forward to celebrating the Chag with you!


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