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The IYYUN Kollel

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The IYYUN Kollel: Full Spectrum Torah and Transformation


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Come drink from the depths of Torah at the IYYUN Kollel, a cutting-edge project of continued education for men.

Following the incredible success of last year’s kollel, we are so pleased to announce The IYYUN Kollel for 5776

The Program will be a week long (approximately) study program – held 4 times yearly

Schedule for the year 5776 / 2015-16

  • Mabul (מבול): November 8-11, 2015 (pre-and post-27 Heshvan)
  • Zera (זרע): January 17-24, 2016 (pre-Tu B’Shvat)
  • Levanah (לבנה): April 3-7, 2016 (pre-Rosh Chodesh Nisan, with Shabbaton)
  • Mon (מן): May 15-22, 2016 (pre-16 Iyar)

Levana Limmud begins April 3!

This November 8-11 at the Iyyun Center in Brooklyn, NY we will be learning about and meditating on the story, symbol and science of the Levana (Moon) with Rosh Yeshivah **Rav Dovber Pinson.**
Rabbi Shmuel Braun and other great teachers and lecturers will also be presenting.

  • Stipend available.
  • Meals provided.
  • See below for details and how to apply.

Registration is now open

Please click on the link below to see the site – and to fill out your application to become part of this incredible, ground-breaking Kollel!



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