Spiral of Time Series is Available to Own!

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The Spiral of Time Series

by Rav Dovber Pinson

Now Available to Own as a Complete Set!

12 Books, encompassing the lunar cycle of the year, from Nisan to Adar.
Each month is its own volume, giving the reader a glimpse into the quality of that month and the holidays within it.

The cycle of a year is not merely a series of discrete points-in-time strung together.
The distinct feelings and activities of each period flow into each other, forming a seamless and continuously unfolding psycho-spiritual journey.
As with every journey, there are ups and downs, ebbs and flows, highs and lows.
If we engage consciously with this journey, the endless cycle can become an evolving spiral of spiritual growth.

There are special qualities that are available every month of the year, often showing up in the Yomim Tovim/the Holidays of the Month.
These qualities range from the letter associated with each month, the sense or skill connected to the month, the body part, the element, and the sign of the month.
Understanding this, reveals in the cycles of time an ever-ascending spiral of insight, understanding, and practical action, and
helps us engage in this 
body of wisdom for our own personal growth and development.

This collection will enhance your bookshelf and your life.

Special introductory offer of only $175!

(Actual retail value of all 12 books is over $300)


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To order your set, and for more information: please email us now at contact@iyyun.com

*Please note that as of now, the set does not come in a box as illustrated.


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