Chesed Initiatives at IYYUN

Chesed Initiatives at IYYUN

A Giving Initiative at IYYUN

Providing food and gifts for those in need.

Gifts of Giving will be distributing gifts and meals to people (primarily children)
who are spending the holidays in the hospital this Thanksgiving and Chanukah.

To be a part of this effort you can:

a: drop off your gift of food (kosher, please!) or other gifts at IYYUN - see below for suggestions

gifts and food can be dropped off at 232 bergen street – side entrance – If nobody answers the door – it can be left by the gate. It will be collected shortly.

b: give a donation through clicking on this link -  please specify what you are giving towards! we will purchase gifts and food with your donation

c: come and be a part of the distribution effort! we will be visiting LICH and Methodist Hospital this Thanksgiving – All are welcome to join!

Please contact us at for information!

Suggestions for gifts:

Food gifts – baskets of fruits, packaged chocolates and other treats are always welcomed by the patients!

Other gifts – for children – stuffed animals and toys are welcomed. For adults: spa gifts such as lotions, candles, or things to make the hospital room more inviting are always welcomed.

Thank you!

The Gemach: Free Loan Society

This initiative provides those in need with an interest free loan, to help people get back on their feet in difficult times.

Established in Loving Memory of: Miriam Bat Ephraim Mordechai

To find out how you can contribute to the Free Loan Fund and help people get through trying times:

Please email us at

To find out how you can be a beneficiary of this Initiative:

please email us at

please note: all emails are strictly confidential, and distribution will be on a first come, first served basis.

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