Sponsor A Kiddush Lunch at IYYUN!

Sponsor A Kiddush Lunch at IYYUN!


Sponsor a Kiddush Lunch at IYYUN

A beautiful way to commemorate a special occasion, or honor a loved one!

Whether it’s a birthday, Yartzeit or you’re just feeling expansive –
Sponsoring a Kiddush at IYYUN is a way to share your special moments with community and friends.

Sponsors will receive a choice of

  1. Basic Kiddush: $72 – Includes, challah, crackers, 4 dips/salads, wine and paper goods
  2. Fish Kiddush: $180 – Smoked fish platter, 2 types of herring, + basic Kiddush
  3. Cholent Kiddush: $360 – Meat (or Pareve) Cholent, Cold Cuts, (or smoked fish platter) + basic Kiddush
  4. Grand Kiddush! $540 – Cholent (meat or pareve), cold cuts or smoked fish platter, 2 kugels, fresh salad, dessert + basic Kiddush

Please note: co-sponsoring is also an option.
Please email to discuss menu options and other considerations.



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