A thought on Charity

A thought on Charity

Charity: Two “Owners”

The charity that is given from the more fortunate to the less fortunate establishes a relationship between ‘giver’ and ‘receiver’ and ultimately reveals a deep bond between the two ‘owners’—the person who gives it away and the person who now has it in their possession.

Tzedakah is generally the Hebrew word used for charity, though literally translated it means ‘doing what is right.’

Clearly, there is a marked distinction between giving charity and doing what is right.

To be charitable is to assume that the money or belongings are yours, and you are nice enough to give away your money or possessions to others.

Tzedakah means doing right, being aware that the money you are giving to the poor has been offered to you as a gift, to be kept in your trust until you distribute it to its proper owner.

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