Sh’ma Koleinu: Voice beyond Language

What do we bring to the table of judgment? Our brains, our power, our art. These are all from God. Even when we decide—and it is our own decision—to do good and to restrain ourselves from the opposite, we are only playing our part in a cosmic script for which we were formed.

But we can call out to the Infinite Light and ask forgiveness. That is not in the script. Teshuvah (“returning to God’) is from the paradigm of cause and effect. When we return, we return to a spiritual place where we unite with God’s Oneness.

So, when we cry out “listen to our voice,” perhaps we mean that God should disregard what we are saying—for our intention and focus might not be good—and simply listen to whom is speaking. This is the power of teshuvah, revealing the internal bond between our deepest selves and the Infinite Source of all light.


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