Uva Le'tziyon: The Zion of Consciousness

Uva Le’tziyon: The Zion of Consciousness

“And the Redeemer shall come to Zion …”

Within all of us is a spark of redeemed consciousness—the deepest level of our soul—which is called Zion (Tziyon). “Zion” is translated as a “sign/imprint”—a part of self that indicates beyond self, part of the self that is one with the Infinite, an indication of the cosmic force that empowers world redemption. To inspire a redemption in a cause-effect paradigm, we need to transcend causality and top into a deep space beyond duality and cause and effect, essentially, to reveal the truth of beyond finite creation.

Scriptural passages that are recited in the Uva le’tziyon prayer are followed by their Aramaic translations since the purpose of this prayer is to bring holiness and Godliness into this mundane world. Translating the Hebrew into the vernacular of Babylonian Jewry in the Talmudic period indicates an even “lower” descent of holiness into the mundane.

When the Temple stood, it served as a conduit for holiness and Godliness to flow into this world. Now that there is no Temple, this Godly energy flows through Torah into this world.


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