IYYUN Kollel Yom IYYUN Day of Learning

IYYUN Kollel Yom IYYUN Day of Learning

Welcome Chanukah with a ‘YOM IYYUN’ – FOR MEN AND WOMEN

In-depth study and meditation on the theme of LIGHT in the Torah.

Delving into the Depth of Light

A day & night of inspiration and illumination

A project of the IYYUN Kollel, this is an opportunity to spend a day delving into the depths of the concept of Ohr/Light.

The IYYUN Kollel Method
The Kollel’s unique methodology utilizes the integrative structure of the PaRDeS to explore a single topic from a variety of perspectives. The entire corpus of Torah scholarship—from Chumash and Tanach, to Midrash and Mufarshim, to Mishnah and Gemara, to Halacha and Poskim, to Kabbalah and Chassidus—is utilized to develop a multifaceted and profound understanding of the chosen object that includes both legalistic detail and philosophic depth. You’ve never learned like this before, and you’ll never learn the same after.

Some info you might be interested in!

  • The Yom IYYUN is for Men & Women and is by reservation
  • Men will be paired with men, and women with women for chavrusa study.
  • Rav Pinson will be giving a full shiur at the Yom Iyyun.
  • $20 Couvre / includes Yom Iyyun and The Iyyun Farbrengen at night!
  • no pre-payment / Checks, Cash & Credit Card (Visa/MC) are accepted at the door.

To Reserve: email contact@iyyun.com
and let us know you’ll be joining!

Schedule of the Day:

1:30 pm / Study the depth of ‘Light’ in the Torah, chavrusa style!
Choose from a pre-selected assortment of teachings and sources on “Light,” ranging from Talmud, Zohar, Maharal and Chassidus

3:00 pm / Snack and Refreshment Break

3:30 pm / Shiurwith Rav DovBer Pinson

4:30 pm / Resume Chavrusa Style Study
Choose a new source and/or a new chavrusa and go even deeper into the ‘Omek’ of Light!

6:00 pm / Menorah Lighting, Dreidel / Sushi / Light Dinner
For those who are partaking in the study portion of the day

7:00 pm
Pre-Farbrengen Presentations & Performances
by the Yom IYYUN Students

8:00 pm – 12:00 am and beyond…
Cheese, Wine, Dougnuts and Latke Buffet
Grand Farbrengen Tish with Rav DovBer Pinson
Live music with BenShimon Music and the Iyyun Chevra

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