Shavuos at Iyyun

Shavuos at Iyyun

Schedule of Services at IYYUN

Shabbat Day/ June 8th
Shacharis: 10:00 am sharp :)
Rav Pinson speaks on the Parsha: 11:00 am
Torah Reading: 12:00 pm
Kiddush: 12:30 pm

Motzei Shabbat/ Saturday Night June 8th
First Night of Shavuot
9:15 pm Maariv Service
11:30 pm All Night Learning Begins

Sunday, June 9th
First day of Shavuot
6:00 am Shacharit Service
7:00 am Torah Reading / Ten Commandments
7:30 am Breakfast Seudah

Monday, June 10th
Second day of Shavuot
10:00 am Shacharit Service
11:00 am Rav Pinson speaks on Shavuot
11:30 am Torah Reading
12:30 pm Holiday Kiddush Lunch!


All Night Learning + Breakfast

Free of Charge

Please consider a sponsorship this Shavuot! No amount is insignificant.
Sponsorships are available for:

  •  All Night Learning
  • All Night Refreshment
  • Torah Reading
  • Breakfast
  •  Kiddush for Second Day of Chag
  • New Cover for Shtender and Bima in honor of Shavuot!

Thank you!

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