Meditation & Judaism: Exploring the Jewish Meditative Paths

(Publisher: Roman & Littlefield)


Meditation and Judaism is a comprehensive work on Jewish meditation, encompassing the entire spectrum of Jewish thought – from the early Kabbalists to the modern Chassidic and Mussar masters, the sages of the Talmud to the modern philosophers – this book includes them all.

The book is both a scholarly, in-depth study of meditative practices, and a practical, easy to follow guide for any person interested in meditating the Jewish way. The word meditation calls to mind the traditional, obvious associations that society has accumulated, such as the lotus position, the mantras and the like. Meditation and Judaism attempts to broaden our view of meditation, demonstrating that in addition to the traditional methods of meditation meditation is prevalent within so many of the common Jewish practices.

The book also explores a variety of fascinating and intriguing topics such as; panoscopic vision, spiritual synesthesia, psychic powers. What is black magic? What is the Koach HaTumah – the impure powers? What is the definition of spirituality?


While this book addresses the meditative state and consciousness, the reasons and ultimate results of the meditations are never far from my mind. The book culminates in the practical application of the meditations discussed. How can these meditations affect my life and behavior? The point that is stressed is that there are many paths that lead in the same direction. The destination is a metamorphosis into a more spiritual open person. One must find the path that is most comfortable and accessible and travel that route to the desired destination.


This scholarly work is sourced in authentic Jewish thought yet it has been written in a modern vernacular in a manner that will appeal to the modern reader. It is an enlightening read for the scholar and the layman alike.

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