Toward the Infinite: The Way of Kabbalistic Meditation

(Publisher. Roman & Littelfield)

Toward the Infinite – A Kabbalistic Meditation focuses exclusively on the Kabbalistic – Chassidic approach to meditation. Encompassing the entire meditative experience, it takes the reader on a comprehensive and engaging journey through meditation.

The journey begins with the readying of oneself for the meditation. The preparatory stage is discussed at length, dealing with issues such as the time of day most conducive to the meditation, the meditative positions and the like. The journey continues with the actual meditative experience. The various states of consciousness that a person encounters in the course of the meditation, beginning at a level of extreme self-awareness and concluding with a total state of Ayin – nothingness and non-awareness.

The journey comes to its conclusion with the culmination of the meditation, the effect the meditation has on the meditator’s daily life and actions. The negative emotions that we all encounter in our lives can be countered with the Kabbalistic meditation. Negativity such as anger, depression and other self-loathing and defeating behaviors are taken on and conquered through the use of this incredible meditation.

Toward the Infinite – A Kabbalistic Meditation is deliberately written to appeal to a mass audience and thus does not make use of learned quotations and references. An easy read which will pique the interest of all those intrigued by spirituality and meditation.

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