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Dreidel: The Mystical Angle

Dreidel: The Mystical Angle

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Eight Lights: Meditations on the Chanukah Lights

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Dreidel: The Mystical Angle

Dreidel: The Mystical Angle



Conversation: All conversation is with G-d.

We should imagine our conversations with people as a conversation with G-d.
We need to deeply listen to people; give weight to their words.
This will help us experience ourselves in them and them …


Finding G-d

Finding G-d: Find G-d in our individual selves.

We all experience G-d differently.

To find G-d we must find ourselves.

Take experiences that make us feel most alive, deepen them, and find G-d in them.

Finding G-d is personal.


Transform Your Life

Transform Your Life: Transformation through altered consciousness.

We create a reality for ourselves and make decisions based on that reality. If we believe we’re not good people then we will make bad choices. We should think of our best moments …



Honesty: Pinochio Factor

We shouldn’t tell the truth if it’s hurtful. The Hebrew word for truth means to bring unification within separation. Bringing unification and harmony is an expression of divine truth.



Hebrew: Hebrew is the key to freedom.

We can only truly experience the freedom of our ancestors by reliving their Hebrew. Reading a translation of Hebrew is like kissing a bride though a veil; it’s not the full experience.


Free Will

Free Will: The different levels of being.

There are multiple levels of free choice. The lowest level says create our own existence. The second level says we are a manifestation of a higher being and our lives are played through …


Relationship With G-d

Relationship With G-d: The first part of a relationship is open communication.

We have to overcome our childish images of G-d.
Don’t be afraid to express genuine feelings to G-d.
Once we openly converse with G-d, we can deepen our …



Giving: Come into the arc.

Commit to what you say.
Say something and mean it.
Be conscious of what you say.


The Unconscious

The Unconscious: What do you do when you are not mindful?

If you perform accidental negative acts, perform accidental acts of goodness.
If you speak by mistake, where did it come from?
What did you mean?



Purpose: What gives us joy gives us purpose.

Things that make us feel the most alive are the positive things in our lives.

We should pursue the positive and overcome the negative to fulfill our purpose.

We must look inward …



Parenting: The greatest gifts are confidence and love.

Educate the child according to their individual needs.
The only way to educate a child is by example.
We have to show them that we are passionate for what we are doing.…



Kosher: Real side effects

Before we eat we ask “what are we eating?” If we eat food that was created with hate, we internalize that hate.


Why Be Jewish

Why Be Jewish: Be in touch with all levels of self.

There are multiple levels of self.
We belong to the universe.
We are born in a specific time & place.
We are born into the Jewish nation.
Actualizing all …


Gragger: the mystical angle