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Messianic Times

Messianic Times: The deepest level of freedom is in the number 8.

Eight represents complete existential freedom. It’s someone acting from a place of freedom. Messianic times are about everyone acting in harmony to bring transcendence to the world.

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Past Lives

Past Lives: Refer to past lives in the interest of current ones. Envisioning our past lives may just be an escape. There are people who are bothered by events in their past lives and cannot move on.


The Soul

The Soul: Different levels of spiritual consciousness. We each have an individual spiritual consciousness; our souls make us unique. We also share a collective soul that makes everyone the same. The essence of our self includes both our individual and collective souls; we’re both individuals and a part of something greater.


Rav Pinson on: Reincarnation

Reincarnation is the evolution of a soul. Work is required to perfect a soul. The part of the soul that is perfected transcends physicality and the other part enters a new body to be further perfected. By fulfilling our purpose we are perfecting our souls.


Exploring Purpose

Exploring Purpose: Pursue the positive. Keep a journal. Observe your daily actions. Think about the positive and the negative aspects, and why you’re being pulled towards negative things. Focus on the positive aspects.



Ambition: Lower self is ambitious; higher self is complacent. Without the lower self, nothing would get done. Without the higher self, we would lack spirituality. By balancing both parts of self, we can be ambitious and kind. Healthy ambition is working hard but accepting that things aren’t always perfect.



Dreams: Align our conscious and our sub-conscious. One level of dreams is subconscious foolishness which bares minimal significance. There are also relational dreams that can give us insight. If constantly seeking an answer, focus properly on the question before falling sleep and the answer may come in a dream.