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Soulmates: Know yourself before you search others.

Whether we find our soulmate or not is irrelevant; there are multiple levels of soulmate.
If a relationship with someone advances, then that person is one of our soulmates, but we can never know if they are our first level soulmate.

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The Art of Effective Listening

The Art of Effective Listening


Lasting Love

Lasting Love: Find yourself before you find love. We are constantly evolving. We need to regularly re-evaluate our lives. Love must be refreshed and renewed at every moment.



Parenting: The greatest gifts are confidence and love. Educate the child according to their individual needs. The only way to educate a child is by example. We have to show them that we are passionate for what we are doing.



Marriage: Marriage is our mirror. We enter into marriage with someone because they are our soulmate. As the marriage continues, its success depends on how much effort is invested. The couple must grow together.