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What is Kabbalah?

A basic introduction to the Kabbalah


The Heart of Kabbalah

Kabbalah is referred to as The Tree of Life. In the following essay I wish to explore the three fundamental truths of our lives; our Source of being, who we are, and where we are, in other words the Divine, man and world.


Understanding the Order of Creation

Seder Hishtalshelus

A Map of the Order of Creation

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Into the Heart of Kabbalah: My Year with the Rabbi

By Louise Danielle Palmer
In this article, I’ve tried to distill the Kabbalistic teachings of Rabbi Pinson to their essence. What is presented here is a mix of Rabbi Pinson’s words and mine, based on his writings and teachings, and the conversations we’ve shared in his home in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, over the past year.


Music; Western vs. Eastern vs. Kabbalistic

While Neitzsche suggested that the ‘fire magic of music’ is to be found in its anti-rationality, and what he sought in music was its ‘ecstatic irrationality’, the Jewish mystic looks to unveil within music its transcendence.


Kabbalah & Music: An Interview with Rav DovBer Pinson

From an interview in the Jewish Book News in conjunction with the release of the book Inner Rhythms: The Kabbalah of Music.


Ibbur / Impregnation of the Death of the Ten Sages

During the course of one’s life, a person may become impregnated with an additional soul for a short period of time. The impregnated soul does not come to substitute for the present soul, rather it is like a guest within the host soul, achieving what it needs to and then it departs.


Reincarnation: An Interview with Rav DovBer Pinson

If reincarnation is a fundamental idea of Jewish theology, why do so few Jews believe in it?



A great Chassidic master, who had scores of devoted followers who were themselves great scholars, once befriended a simple man, unlearned and unremarkable in any way and accorded him considerable honor and affection. This puzzled many of his followers, and finally, one student, a learned and righteous man, dared approach the master to inquire about his manner. The Rebbe did not reply.


Essence Consciousness

Fire and smoke poured from the mountain and the earth shook. The entire Community of Israel stood together in awe at the foot of Sinai as the Divine Presence thrust them into profound revelation. The thunder of awakening surged through each heart and mind as a transcendent voice spoke out: Anochi Ha-Shem Elokecha.


Redeeming Our Name

Only free people have names. A slave is a nameless statistic, with no independent personal identity or existence. Likewise, when we are slaves to our emotions and reactions, we have no independence from the stimuli or influences in our lives.


The Sacred Names of Hashem

When we call something by a name, we define it and create a relationship with that thing. Once we define the subject or object, we can interact appropriately.


Uncertainty & Certainty, Exile & Redemption

We live in an age of great confusion and uncertainty. There is a devastating lack of leadership; both on a collective/global and individual/personal level. Clearly, our life, and life in general, seems to be spinning out of control.