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The Age of Bar Mitzvah & Mental Maturity

An Essay on the Spiritual, Emotional and Physical significance of the Age of Bar Mitzvah


Upsherin: The transitional age of three

There is a custom that has been practiced by many Jews throughout the entire world for generations, a ceremony celebrating a boy’s first haircut. Essentially, the primary purpose of the haircut is to reveal the peyos/sidelocks.

Every age, every …


Between Heaven & Hell

Heaven – paradise – Gan Eden is seen as a place/state where one experiences oneself devoid of ego, aggression, and resentment, the purity of the transcendence. Conversely, Hell- Gehenom is viewed as a place/state where one experiences the tension of …


Mortality and the Afterlife

Humans are the only creatures on earth -at least this is what humans think- who are aware of their own mortality. We are finite, and being conscious of our finitude we quest for immortality.

True, on one level we realize …


Yizkor: Remembrance

After the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem, a custom developed to raise the memory of our lofty ancestors so that their merit should stand by us now and for our offspring in the future.

Everything that exists on a …