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Modeh Ani: The Thanking “I”

Upon awaking, each morning, we find ourselves with the possibility of a fresh start, a new beginning.
The world has awoken from its slumber and is full with a vibrant and radiant energy.
Now what?


What is Meditation?

An assiduous and devout Chassid once implored his master to teach him the one best way to God.


What Meditation Does

While most people believe that they choose their thoughts, in truth, their thoughts merely occur.
Whatever is placed in front of the person becomes that which fills his mind.
The quest in meditation is to liberate ourselves from this enslaving condition.


A Kabbalistic Visual Meditation

In the flame itself, there are two lights:
One white and luminous, the other black or blue.
The white light is the higher of the two, and it rises steadily.
The black or blue light is underneath the (white light),
Which rests on (the black or blue light) as on a pedestal.
The two are inseparably connected,


Ana B’koach


Ana B’Koach – The Prayer

The Ana B’Koach prayer, as a whole, represents a movement from one state to another. It is made up of seven verses corresponding to the seven days of the week. The initials of each


Meditations on the Dreidel

The means to our survival has always been a relentless cleaving to our center, and to the Divine Center-point of all reality. When the dreidel is spinning intensely around its center, the four sides blur and appear circular; the multiple surfaces of the cube become as the single surface of a cylinder, as they cleave, so-to-speak, to the oneness of their center.


Chanukah: A Light Meditation

What is their story?  What are they telling us? Most clearly they are telling us is to simply quiet down. Often we become so entangled in the noise and onrush of day-to-day life that we fail to truly notice that …


Lines, Circles, & Infinity: Meditations on the Seder Plate

LINES, CIRCLES AND INFINITY: Meditations on the Seder Plate.
On Passover night we are given the power to tap into a space beyond the perpetual pendulum of cause and effect.