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New Book by Rav Pinson!

Brand New Book by Rav Pinson! Available for purchase now!


Fascinating New Book by Rav Pinson

Exciting new book! Available Now!


Featured Book! Read an Excerpt here.

Read a chapter of Rav Pinson’s new book: Inner Worlds of Jewish Prayer


Video: Mastering Your Life by Rav Pinson


Join Rav Dovber Pinson for this life-changing look at the lessons of Kabbalah.

Rav DovBer Pinson shows how the ephemeral concepts of Kabbalah can be used
to create meditations and affirmations to actually reprogram the way we live our …


Relating to the Creator: Three paths

My Relationship to my Creator: The three paths


Modeh Ani: The Thanking “I”

Upon awaking, each morning, we find ourselves with the possibility of a fresh start, a new beginning.
The world has awoken from its slumber and is full with a vibrant and radiant energy.
Now what?


Sukkot/Coming Home – Tears of Transformation

Coming Home:

Tears of Transformation

Over the years, a custom has developed that on Rosh Hashanah, during the course of the day, we go out to a living body of water with lively fish swimming therein and symbolically cast away …