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Chayei Sarah: What is True Life?

The Torah is our own inner narrative. Every dimension of our own conscious awareness and experience is reflected back to us in this Divine mirror, along with the appropriate medicines and meditations for transformation.
Our prayers and deepest desire is that “May You open our eyes to Your Torah” so that we can tap into and observe the wholeness and perfection that is always here.


Noach: The Balance between Giving and Receiving

The mystics allegorically understand the Flood as an immersion in purifying mikvah waters—a renewal or rebirth for the world. The flood thus parallels the creation process in Genesis, in which the world is covered with water before life-sustaining dry land can appear.

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Energy of the Week: Tetzaveh

Energy for the Week of Parshat Tetzaveh:
Refining our Spiritual Wardrobe!